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3D visualization for estuary of River Kuala Terengganu

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Title: 3D visualization for estuary of River Kuala Terengganu
Author: Sim Eik Ee
Abstract: The project is about 3D visualized the land terrain and bottom profile for estuaries of River Kuala Terengganu. With the advancement of technologies, new softwares are created by engineers to visualize the real world in 3D format. For this project, Fledermaus 3D was used to mimic the topography of estuary River Kuala Terengganu and also surrounding land area. Due to lack of 3D model in Kuala Terengganu, this project is to provide reference point for further application and monitoring in an effective and manageable way. There are several dataset included which are bathymetry data of estuary, Digital Surface Model and Digital Terrain Model of surrounding estuary as well as raster image. The raster image captured on 23th September 2009 by SPOT, and reproduced by MACRES. Besides, the bathymetry data was sampled at year 2009. The DSM and DTM was purchase from Intermap Technologies year 2011. These data was combined and integrated to become a 3D model for further analysis.
Date: 2012

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