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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973-05Deviations of nutrient digestibility of Johnsongrass hay rations as influenced by phenothiazine and feces drying processMohamed Mahyuddin
1976Some aspect of the biology and fishery of the grey mulletChan, Eng Heng
1976Effects of feeding system, slaughter weight and sex lamb carcass characteristics, palatability, histology and fatty acid compositionMohamed Mahyuddin
1979-08Income distribution across ethnic groups in MalaysiaM. Yusof Saari
1981-09The Echo Sounder simulator unit based on microcomputer systemsMohamad Isa Mansor
1983Model experiments on small shrip trawlsZainal Ashirin Shahardin
1983Heavy metal toxicity to rainbow trout, Salmo Gairdneri Richardson, during early developmentNoor Azhar, Mohamed Shazili
1983-02Studies on flatfish larvae in the shelf waters of the centre great barrier reef AustraliaHock, Chack Liew
1984An Economic analysis of the Malaysia Rice sectorNik Fuad Nik Mohd Kamil
1984-12Fish communities of Paya Bungor, with notes on its development, management and recreational useMohd. Azmi Ambak
1985-07Least-cost formulation of feeds for prawns, with particular references to macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man)Poh, Yong Thong
1986-11Numerical modelling of coastal water movementsMohd Nasir Saadon
1987Selectivity studies on Malaysian trawlsMohd. Ibrahim, Haji Mohamed
1987Some aspects of the biology of ikan baung, mystus nemurus C. & V with references to Chenderoh reservoirKhan, Mohammad Salim
1988The ultrastructural localization of trace metals in the littorina littorea (L) (Gastropod:Prosobranchiata) collected from the tees estuaryMazlan Abd. Ghaffar
1988-02Digestibility of ingredients in two pelleted diets by macrobrachium rosenbergii (de man)Sian, Kenneth Chin Sui
1988-05A study on the biology and status of threadfin bream (family: nemipteridae) with special reference to N. peronii caught in waters off Terengganu coastMohd Zaki, Mohd Said
1989-12Farmers' Perception of EBN Farm Radio Programme in Tambol-Sadej of Muang District,Lampang Province ThailandSanun Karnka
1990Study on imigration of commercially important penaeid shrimp postlarvae in the estuarine area of Chakaria, Cox's Bazar BangladeshMahmood, Nuruddin
1991-07Proper construction and set up of Malaysian fish aggregating devices (unjam)Sakri, Ibrahim