Introduction of UMT-IR
The Sultanah Nur Zahirah Digital Repository Library (UMT-IR) was developed with the aim of providing an access network service to various digital collections that have significant value to the university. PSNZ strives to obtain, compile, store, preserve and disseminate information to users more quickly and effectively.
The main objectives of UMT-IR are:

  • Provide a more systematic system for managing digital materials.
  • Disseminate materials published by the university to the internal community.
  • Improves material accessibility.
  • Ensure materials are preserved and accessed online.

Advantages of uploading materials in UMT-IR:
1. Accessibility+
2. Ongoing Links+
3. Conservative+
4. Comprehensive+
5. Insitutional Context+

1. Responsibilities of Material Uploader+
2. Responsibilities and Rights of Sultanah Nur Zahirah Library+

The following is a description of the policy set by UMT-IR.
Each material uploaded must comply with the specified policy. Failure to comply with this policy will result in material not being displayed.

1. Material Type+
2. Format+
3. Size+
4. Ownership/Intellectual Property+