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Photogration mechnism of methylene blue in high salinity using oxide photocatalyst

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Title: Photogration mechnism of methylene blue in high salinity using oxide photocatalyst
Author: Farahana Atikah Dzulkarnain
Abstract: Nowadays, the presence of toxic dyes in industrial wastewater is of great concern as they bring significant harm towards human health, aquatic lives and the environment in general. Photoassisted catalytic decomposition of organic pollutants using semiconductors as photocatalysts, has been a promising method for dyeing wastewater treatment, due to its ability of not producing any secondary toxic materials. There are several factors that can influence dye removal efficiency such as salinity, photocatalyst loading, initial concentration of dye and light irradiation time. Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate the photocatalytic properties of ZnO under various processing conditions, mainly in high salinity condition. The degradation mechanism of methylene blue (MB) dye in high salinity condition by ZnO photocatalyst was investigated. 7. 7 mg/L of MB dye solution was photodegraded under illumination of UV light for up to 150 min in the presence of 1 g/L of ZnO. The salinity of the solution was set at 64.7 g/L NaCl.
Date: 2016

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