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Seafloor Morphology And Sedimentological Characteristics Of The Kuala Terengganu Nearshore Area

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Title: Seafloor Morphology And Sedimentological Characteristics Of The Kuala Terengganu Nearshore Area
Author: Mohamad Anas Bin Mohamad Annuar; Institute of Oceanography and Environment
Abstract: The Kuala Terengganu nearshore area has been studied in order to gain insight of the seafloor bathymetry dynamics. The seabed profile, textural properties and depositional process of the surface sediment were determined during pre- and post-Northeast monsoon periods at three distinct environments. The seabed is heavily influenced by the Northeast monsoon season which alters the profile gradients and induces accretion and erosion at several parts of the nearshore. Meanwhile, grain size trend analysis of the grain size distribution of the nearshore seafloor sediments at these various sites show varied nature in their mean grain size as well as values of sorting and skewness. Based on this evidence, the statistical parameters of grain size distributions thus allowed recognition of dissimilar environments. Furthermore, grain size trend analysis also shows that the grain size distribution was significantly affected by the monsoon season which is characterized by strong winds, huge waves and heavy rainfall. The monsoon increases the dynamism, thus inducing greater sediment movement and profile modification in the nearshore. During the post-Northeast monsoon, the sediments were coarser after facing higher amplitude of forces such as waves and currents. The beach sediment was eroded for the duration of this season and transported seaward. Sediments were better sorted and seaward-fining textural gradient were obvious. In general, transportation and deposition of sediment suggest that sediment characteristics at each environment are reflected by the difference in energy condition (waves, currents and wind action) of the coastal environment.
Date: 2013-08

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