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A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach In Analysing The Distraction Factors Among Malaysian Seafarers

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Title: A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach In Analysing The Distraction Factors Among Malaysian Seafarers
Author: Mohammad Khairuddin Othman; Pusat Pengajian Perniagaan dan Pengurusan Maritim
Abstract: Shipping is an industry consisting of highly challenging and unpredictable environments which demanded an efficient operating system to ensure the economic benefits for companies and nation, in general. Seafarers play an important role to meet the needs of this industry as they are the operators of the shipping operation. Nevertheless, seafarers are endangered by the existence of distraction factors which continuously affect their well-being on-board, for instance, influence of working conditions, living conditions, human interaction, individual factors, physical environment, and food/nutrition provided, where they may cause bad consequences in forms of occupational errors, casualties, ill- health and even death, if overlooked. This research is vital because most of the maritime accident occurrences are still associated with human erroneous actions in shipboard operations. This research aims; 1) To examine the factors that potentially influence the seafarers’ conditions and contribute to an adverse effect in shipboard operations; 2) To rank the main factors that are listed as potential factors; and 3) To select the most affected Malaysian seafarers’ group due to distraction factors involved. The methods used include; 1) A Cause and Effect Analysis method using Ishikawa model; 2) An Average Rating Value Technique incorporated with Likert scale; and 3) A TOPSIS method. The results of this research show that; 1) Six major factors followed by thirty-six sub-factors were examined to have the potential in affecting Malaysian seafarers’ conditions; 2) "Food and Nutrition" is ranked as the most influencing major factor that affect Malaysian seafarers’ conditions based on influence of cultural practices of different nationalities in providing demanded food and nutrition in which have create uncomfortable situations among Malaysian seafarers; and 3) The groups of "Senior Deck Cadets" and "Junior Engine Officers" has been selected as the most affected Malaysian seafarers’ groups to the deck and engine department, respectively, based on the distraction they experienced while serving on a ship. This research can be beneficial to the academic sector and maritime industry based on their theoretical and managerial contributions for improving the safety culture and seafarers’ performances on-board, also, highlight the importance of assessing and overcoming the distraction issue before it become more severe and affects the overall system.
Date: 2016-11

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